A cat in a lobster outfit in a cooking pot. Yeah.


Julian Cahill — saucecode

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This is not an exhaustive or ordered list. These projects are anywhere between early development and feature complete.

python reddit/saved mirror
scripts to locally mirror reddit.com/saved feeds
python postfix.py
an awesome postfix calculator
C adventure sets
a parser for a data structure based on an xkcd comic
javascript three.js demos
a short introductory video series on creating 3D scenes in a webpage. try it out.
python alkaline bot
my modular and feature filled discord chat bot
* YouTube channel
A variety of (very old) projects and programming tutorials. My personal attempt to give back to the ad-hoc community that taught me how to code.


My name is Julian, and I like solving problems. To that end, I've been learning programming, math, and engineering.

I'm a Linux user, and I write code in Python, Java, and C. Less frequently I've suffered to write in C++ and Javascript.

In addition, I've spent quite a lot of time doing...


I don't write very often, and what I do write I end up hating.

Proprietary Cancer
Cancer so cancerous it'll give you cancer and charge your credit card.
Tue May 15 15:59:26 2018 | Julian

Film Posters
One of the few aspects of film which hasn't matured
Sat Dec 16 00:13:09 2017 | Julian

I Missed Writing
Who knew John Green was a YouTuber?
Fri Dec 15 23:31:28 2017 | Julian

403 Sleep Forbidden
Tue Oct 10 21:38:38 2017 | Julian

And 11 more...

rawr means "I love you" in dinosaur.